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Crewing for Renee & Simon.... 8th October, 2022

Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! something more?- please call us

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Team Leader on the day *

Phone - On the Day of Event*

Crew Attending Event*

Vendors where contract includes a meal, is there any dietary requirements*

Do any crew have a medical condition we should be aware of - Incl but not limited to - Epilepsy Diabetic, Allergies (bees etc) Asthmatic, Food allergy, Carries EpiPen, Very recent surgery, Pregnancy

Expected arrival time on site

Have you been to this venue before ?

Do you need directions or will use GPS*

If you are travelling in a non standard vehicle, (eg Carry Dangerous goods, electrical on board , height ,size, or weight) please advise so parking and access can be arranged.*

Have you worked with an Independant Wedding Co-ordinator previously

Do you require any special equipment or assistance to complete your task on the day

Is there anything specific you require of the Coordinator ?

Best times/days for the Co-ordinator to contact you prior to the Event date

Total $ outstanding (weddings only) *

Date outstanding balance to be paid*

EFTPOS availability for on the day payments ?

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